Zach Farmer's '81 Fairmont

“I had been looking for a boxtop Fairmont for a few years, without much luck”
— Zach Farmer

    Every single day, all over our social media pages I see people argue about what is or is not a fox body. When Foxcast Media began in August of '15, I did so with the intent to show love to all fox chassis vehicles, Ford powered of course. The term fox body is a chassis code used by Ford. The very first vehicle to live on the fox chassis was the '78 Fairmont. One year later, the Mustang joined the fox chassis ranks. Through the years other models joined the ranks including: Thunderbird, Granada, LTD, Mark VII, Continental, Capri, Cougar, and Zephyr. Take a peek under the hood, or up the skirt of any of these vehicles, and you will find what looks just like a '93 Mustang. Yes there are minor differences from year to year, and model to model, but overall they are identical.  

    I am a self proclaimed fox body nut, just so we are clear. I remember reading MM&FF Magazine when Vinnie Kung built a supercharged Granada, and a Kenne Bell blown Mark VII. I myself built an '87 t-bird, with the drive train out of a '88 Mustang GT, including a five speed swap.  This would be the very reason why I have such a soft spot in my heart for alternative foxes.  

    Back in October when your scribe was at the NMRA World Finals in KY, I spotted Zach Barnes '81 Fairmont. It was the only Fairmont in the show, and the first I had seen in a long time. The Fairmont came in two body styles, the boxtop and the Futura. The Futura was a two door only, and had a more sporty look to it. For the record, I don't care much for the Futura. The boxtop came in two or four door, with a two door boxtop being the most desirable, and thus the hardest to find. The boxtop has the look of an older muscle car. Not sporty, simple lines, and metal bumpers. This in my humble opinion is the reason they are so sought after. They remind me of the old Galaxies and Fairlanes of the sixties; albeit on my favorite chassis. Yes, I will own one soon. 

   Zach Farmer is a blue blooded Ford guy, and having owned multiple Mustangs, Lightnings, and so on; he was looking to do something different. Two years ago, Zach began hunting for a boxtop. After two years of searching, an all original, 66k mile specimen showed up at his work. After pleading with the owner to sell, he finally relented, and Zach was a proud Fairmont owner. At the time the car still had it's original inline six, and three speed trans. At first, Zach threw a carbed 302 and a T5 in the car, and drove it. After seeing several coyote swapped Mustangs, however, the wheels began to turn.  

    After much reading, Zach knew the coyote swap was the route he wanted to take. He decided to sell his other Mustang, to help fund the build, and an order was placed to Ford Racing. A week later, a large white crate arrived, and Zach was ready to get out the wrenches. 

    Once the coyote was plumbed up, the T5 was exchanged for a Liberty prepped TKO-500, and the suspension was upgraded with a AJE k-member, Strange coil-overs, Strange struts, and Maximum Motorsports CC plates. The wheels were sourced from a '06 Dodge Charger, with Crown Vic center caps, to give it that sleeper look. These were chosen because they would clear the recently added Cobra spec brakes. The rear was upgraded with parts from Team Z, and 4.10 gears installed. 

    Zach isn't done either, some unnatural aspiration is on the way for the coyote this year, but In the meantime, he is enjoying his boxtop. He also enjoys hurting the feelings of overpriced Corvettes, that make the mistake of thinking this old Fairmont is easy prey.    CR


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