"the ultimate"

I have to be fair and say that the four eye cars do not get the love they deserve. The 79-86 foxes for some reason aren't as popular as the later 87-93 cars...


"mystery machine"

One thing that can't be ignored in the fox body sphere is that stock fox values are on the rise. If you had told me this 15 years ago I probably would have laughed at the notion. When I went fox shopping...




coyote swap part 3

The moment of truth arrived, it is time to tear the car down. With the engine being secured, and parts starting to roll in, the "Road Warrior" needed to be taken out of service. Truthfully I could have left it running for a while longer...


anchors away

When you are former NMRA True Street champ like Mike Jovanis, and own a '89 LX that runs mid sevens in the 1/4, what kind of a cruiser would you want? Lets be honest, when one car runs 170+ in the quarter, anything else is going to feel extremely slow. However...

Event Coverage


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Project "road warrior"

Our long term project '92 LX is the subject of tons of tech articles and product testing. Sponsored by National Parts Depot, and Maximum Motorsports, we help you get your fox built right!



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