"Blown '85"

Moises Barragan's '85 LX

“90% of this car was built in my driveway”
— Moises Barragan

    Everyone has heard the saying: "One man's trash is another man's treasure". As overused as that quote is, there is much truth therein. I am not speaking of some junk antique on a dusty shelf of some second hand store either. We will leave those to the socks with sandals crowd. What I am referring to is cars, specifically fox body Mustangs (of course). I can remember back in the '90s there were foxes everywhere. They were dirt cheap for the most part, and parts were everywhere. I passed on so many cars I wish now I had scooped up. The common thread among all of them was seeing it, and picturing in my mind exactly what I would do to it. Not that I had the money, or know how, but I had my imagination. 

    A fox body Mustang guy for as long as he could remember, Moises Barragan is no stranger to building and enjoying cars. Many times car guys "grow up" and the hobby takes a back seat to marriage, and family.  Not so much in this situation. 

    Seven years ago, Moises wife picked up this little '85 for the paltry sum of $500 dollars. Knowing how much he loved cars, she knew he would love having a project car to build up (take note ladies). The cars condition was much what you would expect for a unrestored car with nearly thirty years under its belt. Starting from the ground up was the only way to tackle a project of this magnitude. Now before you go thinking Moises shipped the car off to some fancy shop, with an open checkbook; think again. The transformation of this coupe took place in his driveway, and garage. No team of skilled craftsmen, no high dollar equipment, not even a lift! Seeing a car this well built often leaves people thinking it takes all those things to build a car like this, and that simply is not true.


   For paint and body, Moises had to start from square one. The entire car was stripped of its wares, and the long and tedious task of welding, filling, shaving, sanding, and fitting commenced. The engine bay is now completely void of the typical fox body Mustang swiss cheese. The exterior is not so crazy, however. The fresh paint, moldings, trim, and emblems all look fairly stock; why mess with success? Under the car where the Maximum Motorsport suspension, mini tubs, and the insane DPE 19" wheels reside is how Moises chose to make his statement, which he does.   

    You don't need me to tell you that any old 302 simply wouldn't do inside the fresh smoothed engine bay. A Dart based 308 with a forged rotating assembly kick things off, and are complemented by World Products heads, Holley intake, and custom ground comp cam. To speed things along, a polished D1 Procharger helps push the bullet proof mill to over six hundred horsepower on pump gas. The rest of the drivetrain consists of a Tremec T56, and an 8.8 rear that's been narrowed using 9" ends. 

     Inside is where Moises really worked his magic. The custom roll bar, aircraft style switches, suede wrapped pillars, and full bevy of AutoMeter gauges give the car a pro touring feel. 

    For everyone reading this who may be staring at what seems like a never ending list of projects on your car. Just remember that cars like this '85 were done just the same way you are. Elbow grease, blood, sweat, tears, and late nights make it happen. Get out there and build your dream car, your hard work will pay off, and you can proudly say you built it yourself. CR

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