"Mr. Clean"

Walter Sibelius '93 LX

“After several emails, I agreed to buy the car site unseen, needless to say it was as clean as the seller described”
— Walter Sibelius


     It is not hard to spot a nice fox body Mustang, if you know what you are looking for. Being the totally smitten fox guy that your author is, the clues are easy to spot. Typically you can go for the easy stuff like the quarter glass, seat bolsters, leather on the steering wheel, map pockets (90-93), wear on the pedal pads, etc. There are other things I look at also, such as VIN tags on the body panels, the fender aprons under the hood, fading on the upholstery, and the infamous ash tray door. Spotting a low mile car really is not that difficult. Not that there is anything wrong with a restored car, but there is something to be said for a mint survivor, especially when tastefully modded by a meticulous owner. 

    Walter Sebilius is one such owner. Having met Walter and his pristine '93 LX at Foxtoberfest last year, I was in love with his car. True, being a former owner of a Reef Blue hatch, I am being a bit self indulgent, but this fox body Mustang is truly a thing of beauty. Reef Blue has a bit of a cult following already, being a one year only color. In direct sunlight is appears more green, while at night, under artificial light it takes on a blue hue. Why Ford waited until the final production year for this amazing color is a shame.

    The backstory on how Walter came into ownership of this LX is stems from back in 1984, when he purchased a brand new GT. Later on Walter bought an '86 GT brand new, and an '89 GT. He owned the '89 for a few years while he dated his wife, and built some great memories with his foxes along the way. Once the kids were finally grown, Walter wanted back in the game. He purchased a mint '91 coupe, and after owning it for a bit, he felt like he had lost the foxbody Mustang fire. Less than six months after selling the '91, Walter simply had to have another.       

    Being quite astute in the ways of the fox body, Walter wanted a low mile, ultra clean car to take on cruises, to car shows, and relieve some stress. Hunting the forums, social media, and other venues; Walter stumbled upon the '93 you see here. The car had a scant 56K miles on the ticker, had been in California it's whole life, and was garage kept. With so much on his plate, Walter was unable to fly coast to coast to scope out the hatch for himself. After multiple emails, and piles of pictures, he felt confident that the car was what he was looking for, and had it shipped home. 

    Once the truck unloaded Walter's new fox body Mustang, he was relieved to find the car was exactly as advertised. Bone stock, low miles, and as clean underneath as it is up top. As nerve wracking as it was, Walter lucked out with an honest seller, and the time to make it his own had come. 

   Walter carefully laid out a plan to add some extra beans to the car, but not take away from the reliability. He wanted to keep the headaches away, while adding to the fun factor. He began by adding a set of Trick Flow 170 heads, and a ported Explorer intake to open things up a bit. The stock cam was retained to maintain factory drivability, and maybe sneak up on unsuspecting prey. Walter will admit he may have fooled a few people at the stoplight nationals. While the idle may sound subtle, the addition of the Vortech V3 SCi supercharger ensures than when the loud pedal is stomped, things get going in a hurry. 

    Walter also added several other tasteful mods to the car, that stick with the subtle theme. Argent Pony R wheels measuring 17x8 up front, and 17x10 in the rear give the car an aggressive stance, paired with the Ford Racing "B" springs. To further tighten things up, Steeda subframe connectors, Steeda caster/camber plates, Steeda upper/lower control arms, and Koni adjustable shocks/struts do nicely. 

    Suffice to say I was drooling heavily inspecting this LX, Walter's attention to detail, and the car being such low miles, just adds more win to the equation. I am not sure if Walter has given his '93 a name or not, some people do that. If you haven't Walter, may I suggest: "Mr. Clean"?  CR

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