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Jeff Miller's '89 LX

“This car was built in memory of my father, without his passion for cars, I wouldn’t be into them”
— Jeff Miller

      I am a huge fan of anyone who actually drives their fox body Mustang. This would be the very reason our project car is dubbed the "Road Warrior". Not that there is anything wrong with trailering your fox body to keep it out of harm's way, but I truly miss seeing foxes on the street. I still get all worked up when is see a fox body Mustang rolling by, or especially if it rolls up alongside me. Part of the reason is you never know what is lurking under that hood. A fox body Mustang can look bone stock on the outside, and be packing over a thousand horsepower under the hood. I've seen this many times. Obviously if it looks stock, but is rattling the floor pans in your car, that may be your first clue. Either way, I don't think I'm alone when I say seeing foxes on the street is always exciting. When I talked with Jeffrey Miller about his '89 notch, I knew it needed to sit amongst the best foxes in the country, here at thefoxcast.com.

    Jeff originally drove this car daily. Back then she was rather plain, and rocked the much maligned red interior. Humble beginnings to be sure. After a few years, Jeff was able to score a second vehicle, allowing the fox body to be removed from the daily duties. If you are reading this, then you already know the wheels begin to turn, when you don't have to have the car back together for the Monday commute.  

     Jeff got things rolling with a stock bottom end, heads, cam, intake, and an A trim Vortech supercharger. The little 302 made 435hp to the ground, and fed his need for speed. Not long after the new combo was done, the engine spun a bearing, due to poor machine work. Down but not out, Jeff decided it was time to get serious. The car was down, and he had already grown accustom to the power, it was time to go bigger. Going all in, Jeff ordered up a Dart SHP block, and set out on his quest for big power. The Dart block may seem like overkill, but Jeff knew there would be plenty of room to grow with a solid foundation. This would allow him to turn up the boost as he wished, and be able to sleep at night knowing he wouldn't ventilate the block. Having already been considering what the car was capable of with some added PSI; it just made sense.  

    To complement the Dart block, a forged Scat crank, Eagle rods, and custom Race Tec pistons round out the bottom end. The next box to be checked was sending out his TFS 170 heads for a little porting, to work well with the added cubes. To actuate the valves, a custom ground blower cam from Brian Freezy took up residence in the engine. Topping things off with a Holley Systemax intake, the long block was complete. Next up was an upgrade from A to S trim supercharger, and pulley the blower for 10 psi. The fuel system was also upgraded via parts from Aeromotive, to keep the beast fed.    

   In order to handle all the new power, Jeff had to bolster the driveline of his '89 also. Starting with a rock solid Tremec TKO600 trans, and Mcloed RXT clutch that spin a Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft. The 8.8 rear was beefed up also with 31 spline moser axles, 31 spline differential, welded axle tubes, and 3.55 gears. 

    To get his notch sitting just right, and try to put all that power to the ground, Jeff bolted in Strange 10 way adjustable shocks/struts. Up front he added Eibach springs, with the rear receiving Team Z drag springs. The lower control arms are also from Team Z, complimented by HPM uppers. Rounding out the suspension mods are UPR caster/camber plates, and bump steer kit. 

    Jeff didn't set out to build a drag car, although he has been kicked off the track for not having a roll bar. His goal was a car that could hang with just about anything, win show's, take on road trips, and click off some ten second times (once the roll bar gets installed). With 581 RWHP and 575 RWTQ on tap, and multiple best fox body Mustang awards, we have to say Jeff nailed his goal. CR

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