Jason Hamrick's '85 GT

Article by: Bob Goodson

“Growing up, I would always see the car driving around my town, and always wanted it”
— Jason Hamrick



    Addiction. We’ll call it that because that’s what it is.  An addiction to cars.  If you are reading this you’re addicted.  If you clamor on your phone to see Caleb's updates on Facebook or Instagram at every work break, stoplight (don’t tell, but you know you do it), or every moment between bites at a meal.  See, you’re addicted and that starts somewhere.  For me it started with my Dad owning an Avis car branch. I was always around cars growing up and my passion was for anything with wheels. I could easily digress into two instances that I remember influencing me as a kid but let’s get to why you’re reading this. 

    At 12 years old Jason Hamrick spotted a car in his neighborhood.  A beautiful Jalepeno Red 1985 GT. Jason made it a point to get to know the lady that owned it and watched the car come and go for years growing up.  He dreamed of owning the car from the very first day he saw it.  Heck, who wouldn’t!  Red is an eye catcher, especially at a young age.  For years Jason kept his eye on it and even had a soft agreement with the owner that he would get the first right of refusal when the time came to sell it. 

    Many years had passed and the car was just sitting.  Jason kept in touch with the owner every so often and that paid off.  In talking with the owner one day he finally convinced her to sell it because it had been sitting for some 14 years.  One can only imagine that excitement of buying the car you lusted over at the age of 12.  

    Now what? Isn’t that kind of like the dog who catches the car?  Now what do you do that you’ve bought the car of your dreams? Like any other true enthusiast Jason got to work and went over the car with a fine toothcomb. The car is an automatic car and that means it has Ford’s early fuel injection setup on it with the flat tappet cam.   

      Because it had been sitting the car needed the typical maintenance items. The fuel system definitely needed attention with a new tank, fuel pump, and sending unit. Then a fluid change and under hood tune up items brought this beast back to life.  It’s bone stock down to the original mufflers!  Jason even sought out an original set of Gatorback’s for the car.  

    A little elbow grease and a polish brought this baby back to life and Jason gets to enjoy the miles of smiles now.  Did we mention it even has the original two-knob stereo in it?  Yeah.. you don’t find them like that often these days.  Congrats Jason! Not every addict has a love story which has an ending like this. BG

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