"polar opposites"

Adam Hair's Saleen SCs

Article By: Bob Goodson

“Both cars are unbelievably clean and are museum quality. You know they must be extremely nice if the CEO of a collector car auction company previously owned one of them”
— Adam Hair


    Saleen… mention the word in a crowd of Fox Body lovers and the conversation eventually gets around to “I remember seeing one for the first time…” and one by one people step in telling their tale of walking around one the very first time they saw one in person. For many of us the first time we saw one may have been in a magazine.  That’s where most of the masses met Saleen. There are a few lucky people who saw them brand new at the dealer. Either way at the current time during the fox body era Saleen was the only one producing a higher performing Mustang, selling through the dealerships, with modifications those regular Mustang owners would like to do but would lose a warranty if they modified their cars.  It was a perfect storm for those who could afford to buy one.

    The Saleen SC was the model that followed the ever-popular 1989 Saleen SSC. The SSC sold many cars but unfortunately the SC would only have 27 produced from 1990-1993. That is total production from 1990-1993 including convertibles and hatchbacks.  Adam Hair was lucky enough to own not one, but TWO of the twenty-seven produced.  AND… not only are they two rare Saleen SC’s, they are consecutive numbered units AND… they are polar opposites in color.  The two cars have a very unique history. 

    Adam comments that 91-14SC came to him by pure luck. With recently selling his SSC and acquiring two four eye's the desire for an 87-93 was stirring because an aero-fox was missing from his garage. Adam reached out to Mark LaMaskin of Performance Autosport to see if he knew of any low mileage nice fox body Saleen’s coming on the market. Mark told me thought he would never sell this car but had been thinking about selling 91-14SC.  Saleen 1991 14 SC was previously owned by Roger Rodas. Roger was the business parter of Paul Walker.  Due to Paul’s fame and fortune people reference him with cars in that collection but Roger owned ALL of the Saleen’s. He and Paul shared a passion for cars but had different tastes in automobiles.  The Saleen’s were Roger’s passion not Paul’s.  Luckily both Adam and Mark traveled to SEMA in Vegas and the two discussed it further there. Fortunately for Adam they struck a deal. Not only was the car previously owned by Roger Rhodas who was killed in an accident with Paul Walker, it was also owned by CEO of Russo and Steele auction house, Drew Alcazar.  With both of those people previously owning this car it goes without saying that this is one stellar collector piece. 

    Aside from the Saleen modifications Adam has added the ever rare HRE three piece wheels with Saleen center caps.  If you think the Saleen three piece Stern’s are hard to find in proper Saleen offsets, try to find a set of HRE’s like these in Saleen widths and offsets.  

1991 – 14 SC Black hatchback 

Currently has 4,072 miles 

Lowest mileage SC known 

Optional Equipment: Pioneer CD player and equalizer 

Shipped from Saleen on 6-26-1991

Chasis built by Ford in December of 1990

    The second SC Adam acquired was sold brand new out of a dealer in Alaska.  Yeah, that’s right, Alaska! A few years ago a mutual friend between Adam and I found that the owner was selling it.  How our friend found out is another story for another day but either way the car sailed all the way back to North Carolina where it would be detailed. The car was cleaned up to perfection.  To the point of the previous owner dropping the drive train down just so they could clean it.  The car cleaned up so well that Adam took notice the first time he saw it.  I’ll let him describe that.


    I first saw 91-13SC in 2015 at the Saleen Club of America Nationals in Alabama. I remember watching the car come out of it's trailer and admiring how clean the car was, especially the under carriage.  I was always interested in owning the car but it wasn't until early 2017 when the car came up for sale and the previous owner, Jamie Hammonds reached out to me. I couldn't pass on the opportunity and a deal was struck. Thankfully Jamie was great to work with and patient as I worked to sell Saleen 86-152 to make room in the stable and help fund the acquisition. The car was originally shipped to Alaska where it spent the first many years of its life. 

    Both cars are unbelievably clean and are museum quality. You know they must be extremely nice if the CEO of a collector car auction company previously owned one of them. Congrats to Adam in owning two awesome desirable Fox Body Saleen Mustangs.  We’ll all be sure to keep the drool off of your cars when we see them Adam. 

1991 – 13SC White Hatchback

Currently has 25,049 miles. 

Optional Equipment: Pioneer CD player and equalizer

Shipped from Saleen on 3-28-91

Chasis built by Ford in December of 1990

Saleen SC specific upgrades:

3 core radiator 

SVO 1.7 Roller Rockers 

3.55 gears with Auborn differential 

Saleen intake manufactured by Dixon

Ford Motorsport 65mm Throttle Body and EGR Spacer

Saleen Pro M Mass Air intake system

Stainless steel headers

Dynomax Cat Back

Heavy duty T5

10 SC models built in 1991. 

27 SC's built between 1990 and 1993


Until next time… keep it Foxy baby!  Peace, BG.

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