Jason Kelly's '91 LX

“In the previous form, the car laid down over 750 RWHP, the new combo will be over a thousand”
— Jason Kelly

   Car guys are a tight group. It just goes with the territory. The guys that stay late in the garage with you to finish a build, loan you their slicks, and tell you to keep going when you want to quit. Jason Kelly, Dorian Comeau, Erik Radzin, Mark Covey, Shane Shore, and Mike Marshall are the very definition of this. All building fast cars, and also founding House of Boost. Totally devoted to boost, and big power; the business took off. Over 20 feature articles in several magazines, three invitations to 5.0 Magazines King of the Street event, and product features at several automotive aftermarket shows. Tragically, in 2010, Dorian was involved in an accident which left him a quadriplegic. After a year, he passed. Everyone was devastated, and House of Boost all but disappeared.

    After the accident, Jason let the car sit for a few years. With so many memories tied up in the car, he wasn't ready to get back into it. At the time of the accident the car was apart for upgrades, and needed a lot of work to finish. This car was an ongoing project for nearly 18 years, and to date has a mere 37k original miles on it. Other than chrome ponies, and exhaust, the car was bone stock when he got it. Later they installed a Procharger on the car, and drove it that way until the crank broke. By this time it was late '03, and Dorian came up with the crazy idea of doing a mod swap.

    Jason bought a wrecked '98 Cobra with just 8k miles on the clock, and the build began. Knowing the car would see big boost, the 4V was torn down and built to the hilt with Manley rods, Diamond pistons, ported heads, and Mihovetz cams. A call was made to Procharger, and an F1A was ordered, along with custom high flow intercoolers. A second call was placed to Aeromotive for a fuel system to handle over a thousand horsepower, and the install work began. Once all together, a FAST system was installed, and the late Jim Summers was contacted to tune the beast. In this form, the car laid down 750HP, and still boasted ice cold air conditioning, and excellent street manners. The car made several long road trips including the 5.0 Mustang Magazine King of the Street events, and maybe a little street action too. Being one of the first mod swapped foxes in the country at the time, the car received a ton of press, and helped put House of Boost on the map.  

    As time passed, Jason's friends, Mark Covey, and Shane Shore began prodding him to get the car finished. Finally, Jason got back into the garage to put the LX back together. With several upgrades being made, the car was on track to eclipse the thousand horsepower mark, and be even more of a monster than before. The bolstered and freshened 4V was dropped back in the car, and the FAST system was replaced with a Big Stuff III for tuning. Erik Radzin gets credit for tuning the car, and achieving their goal of 1k horsepower.

    The car itself was totally mint to begin with, having never seen rain, according to Jason. With the subtle cues from the drag radials on 10th Anniversary Cobra wheels, the sumped tank peeking out from behind the rear bumper cover, and the low profile cowl hood; one would not expect the blistering power this car makes. Now granted, when you fire it up, and sounds that closely resemble a large helicopter come from under the hood; the sleeper status is all but shattered. Regardless, the subdued appearance coupled with big power, make this fox body Mustang practically perfect.

    As tough as the road back has been, Jason is glad his friends pushed him to finish the car. That's what friends are there for. Car guys, or not. The vision that Dorian had for House of Boost became a reality from all of his hard work and dedication; this car is a tribute to that effort. Last year a new owner bought the shop, and revived the concept. House of Boost is back up and going, as is one of their first cars. Jason, Mark, Shane and Erik have kept Dorian's legacy alive. You can't ask for better friends than that. Godspeed Dorian.    

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