"Four Eye Pride"

Michael Escobar's '85 GT

“No matter where I go, for some reason the car always gets tons of attention”
— Michael Escobar

    Back around '00, your author began what I called my fox body Mustang picture collection. Trolling through the forums, and other websites, anytime I saw a fox that I loved I would save the picture to my collection. Over the years I amassed nearly seven thousand pictures. Obsessed much? One car that I had several pictures of is the '85 you see here. Never one to prefer just stock foxes, or just heavily modded cars, my collection had a wide range of cars from mild to wild. Shortly after launching Foxcast Media, I had the honor of Michael Escobar joining the Foxcast ranks. That has been one of the awesome things about this venture, is meeting and getting the stories about the cars I've drooled over for years.

    What I always look for in cars is tasteful mods, quality parts, and a restrained approach to the build. Let us not forget cleanliness! Anyone can spot a half hearted build a mile away, even if they are chock full of high dollar hardware.   

    Michael's GT exemplifies all of the things I personally look for. Not only is it one of the cleanest four eye cars in the country, it also sports some extremely rare parts from the Ford Motorsports catalog. If you are reading this, you probably remember the catalog of which I speak. Ford had a full line of Motorsport branded products for the Mustang, from interior accessories to performance parts. As a kid in the late '80s, I kept this catalog on my bedside table, and would salivate over all of the cool pictures and parts.  Now that these parts are over thirty years old, seeing them in mint condition on Michael's '85 is a trip back in time for me. Sure he could have went crazy with the car and built it up into a street/strip monster, but it just wouldn't have the same nostalgia.  

   The coolest Motorsport part this GT wears is the upholstery. I had forgotten that Ford even offered this. The seats are now covered with a classic two tone cloth, with the Ford Motorsport logo stitched in just below the halo headrests. Next on the list is the FMS leather horn pad, FMS leather shifter boot & knob, and FMS floor mats. Other minor touches include white faced gauges, and Bullitt pedal covers. Aside from those tasteful upgrades, the interior remains mint '85. Even the shaft mount style tape player remains. We hope Michael has some old Motley Crue cassettes to pop in it.        

    The exterior also received the tasteful minimalist approach. Beginning in the front, Michael installed the clear headlight covers that were all the rage for four eye cars, FMS foglight covers, and finished the nose with  an old school FMS license plate. Out back, SVO sail panels, and SVO taillights give the GT some subtle appearance changes. The rolling stock is one of the very first sets of Pony R wheels from Mavro Mont. The wheels are the perfect choice in keeping with the entire theme of Michael's GT. Last but not least is a fresh coat of Ford Bright Atlantic Blue paint, made famous by the '98 Cobra. The hue matches the blue in the Motorsport logo, and updates the appearance just a bit.   

    Wherever you see it on the forums, car shows, or social media; Michael's '85 grabs everyone's attention. There is just something about the car that never fails to draw a crowd. Michael's GT even has a following down in Venezuela! I am not surprised a bit by all of the attention he receives, I am a self admitted fan too!  CR

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