"A tale of two foxes"

Rodney & Ronald Dupree's '92 & '93 LX convertibles

“Over the last ten years, my father and I have spent a lot of quality time together working on these cars”
— Rodney Dupree


    I have to say, the tightest, and most memorable bond between a father & son, is the car hobby. Talk to any car guy, and you will hear stories about how they grew up, helping Dad out in the garage. Sure there are many other things that build childhood memories, but not like the car hobby. Building something together, working through problems, and taking the car out for its first drive just seem to do it best. This is something that I hope does not die in the future. With so many other distractions, I don't see as many young boys getting into cars. Take note Dads, hand the little guy a wrench, and tell him to go get dirty.

    When I read Rodney Dupree's story about how these two LX 'verts came to be, I knew it needed a share. Call me sentimental, but I love hearing how cars (especially a fox) bring a father & son together. 

    Rodney is quick to point out, they have always been a Ford family. "My first car was a '74 Mustang II, which I got when I was 15" recalls Rodney. After a lot of begging, and pleading his case, Rodney was able to persuade his father to buy him an '84 GT, shortly after he got his license.  A year later, Rodney and his father purchased a '66 Mustang, and spent several years restoring it together. All the while, Rodney kept his '84, until 1989 when he was able to buy his first new car; an '89 LX 5.0 

   In 1993, Rodney got married, and priorities like a family took priority. Rodney sold the '89, as well as the '66 they had restored. For over a decade, Rodney was without a Mustang, and while he was content to build his career and raise a family; he never stopped wanting another one. 

    Around 2005 when the S197 Mustang made it's debut, Rodney was in love, and for the next two years he pleaded with his wife for a toy. Mrs Dupree relented in 2007, and Rodney bought a brand new '07 GT. Not long after this, Rodney lost his mother. His father was lost, and needed something to take his mind off loosing his wife. In fine Dupree Family fashion, he picked up an '08 GT, so he could cruise with his son. 

    While Rodney and Ronald enjoyed their S197 cars, Rodney was getting the fox body itch, and the urge was not going away. Later in 2008 Rodney happened on a mint 1993, triple white, Feature car. The car was mostly stock, and Rodney wanted to preserve it that way. Other than some minor mods like Cobra intake 65mm throttle body, 70mm Pro M, headers, Flowmaster exhaust, and electric fans; it remains as Ford delivered it. The crowing touch is a set of chrome Pony R wheels, which keep with the classic fox look.  

    The following year, Rodney learned of a '92 Summer Edition LX, and made the call to his father about his find. Ronald fell in love with the car, and bought it on site. Needing some restoration work, the father & son team got busy bringing the LX back to its former glory. Ronald also wanted his fox body to remain original, and aside from exhaust; she still is.  

       "Over the past ten years, my Dad and I have spent a lot of quality time together, working on the cars" recalls Rodney. "We take them to cruises, and car shows, its been great spending time with my Dad". The Dupree men have built two very special cars, and preserved them well, but what is most important is the memories they are making. So get out in that garage, grab some wrenches, and make some memories of your own. CR

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