"no stone"

Bryan Rosalia's '84 GT

Article by: Bob Goodson

“Luckily the owner expressed interest in my 67 Chevy pickup. In a conversation with the owner, I was able to strike a trade deal for the 84”
— Bryan Rosalia



    Have you ever been in that group of people?  You know, that group of people you hang out with that really aren’t huge into cars?  There’s usually that one person in need of a little mechanical advice on their car.  Somehow that person latches onto you trapping you into a “verbal prison” about their woes on their daily driver or mini van.  In that environment it can be tiring to discuss mundane details on a daily driver.  As I’ve said before, I hate maintenance, I love modification.  People usually ask about maintenance in those conversations.

    Sometimes there’s an instance where a person finds out you’re a mechanic and they ask you if you can help with their project car.  This is usually where the relationships are built and long-term friendships are made. Bryan Rosalia had a neighbor request his assistance in getting an 84 Mustang running.  Bryan had taken note of the car and its condition because he drove by it every day. He lent a hand trying to help the owner get it running. But, because the car had been sitting for 12 years Bryan mentioned to the owner that it was going to take more help than he was able to offer to get it running, and safe to drive.  


    After driving by it daily and seeing it sit there, he thought more and more about the potential the car had.  Lucky for Bryan the owner expressed interest in his 67 Chevy pickup.  In a conversation with the owner, Bryan was able to strike a trade deal for the 84 and to Bryan’s surprise there was an 85 parts car included in the trade. Score! 

    Bryan wasted no time in getting to the 84. Bryan started by smoothing the engine bay while the motor was out, to get rid of those unsightly factory punch holes. He also chose to hide the wiring preparing the seat for a larger Windsor based motor.  The heart of the beast is a 1979 351 block with a Pro Comp intake and Trick Flow Twisted Wedge heads, topped off with a Ford Racing valve-train. All of that is backed up by a T5 transmission and an 8.8 rear loaded with Moser axles.  Add in the SN95 cobra brake package on all four corners, and you have a car that can stop as well as it can go. 

    The suspension is a Ride Tech setup with airbags and twin tanks, with a digital controller that allows Bryan to set it exactly how he wants it to look for those epic still shots, and the cruise stance that causes people break their necks to get a second look. Add in a Maximum Motorsports pan-hard bar, modified tubular front and rear control arms with QA1 struts and that Afco front sub frame which creates the perfect symphony of control with that Ride Tech system.  The chassis was stiffened by a strut tower brace, and a rear shock tower brace. 

    The interior was received a freshening with a full interior swap from a 1990 GT, and custom rear seat delete.  The six-point cage adds a level of safety, and the Autometer digital gauges give Bryan the feedback he needs, to assure the motor stays healthy. The console and arm rest have been smoothed and wrapped in suede leather, adding a touch of class to the guts. Also loaded with a Pioneer double din stereo, with all the modern conveniences and sound; the driving experience is a true joy. 

There are so many details on this ride that you would have to walk around it three times to take all of the details in.  The exterior draws you to the car with all of the touches of every generation of Fox.  An 82 GT hood scoop, with 88 GT ground effects, and 87-93 LX tail lights.  It even has a lexan rear window!  

This is an amazing story of resurrection and revival with this car.  As you have read, no stone was left unturned.  It’s a car that draws attention wherever Bryan goes. Congrats Bryan, you built a truly unique GT, and saved a fox simultaneously.  Until next time, keep it as Foxy as Bryan does.  Peace, BG.

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