"the ultimate"

Kyle Christman's '86 LX


    I have to be fair and say that the four eye cars do not get the love they deserve. The 79-86 foxes for some reason aren't as popular as the later 87-93 cars. This has gone on for some time, and I can't put my finger on why it is. 

“The car received a full rotisserie restoration, the bottom is as clean as the top”
— Kyle Christman

    However, the tide does seem to be shifting. More and more I see wicked four eye builds popping up, and they instantly go viral on social media. So many people that are new to the fox game simply don't see how sexy the old square lights are. For this very reason, I love seeing these new builds surface, and the 79-86 cars get their due respect. These are the cars that started it all, they got the whole rage underway. The first Saleen was a four eye, the GT350 was a four eye, the SVO was a four eye, and when the boss came back for '82; it was a four eye as well. Y'all show your love!

    The minute I saw Kyle Christman's '86 my jaw dropped. I literally wanted to make him an offer on the car. Not even kidding. To be honest I have had a four eye notch build in my head for a while, simply because I have never had one. Add in a big thumping Windsor under the hood, and it would be the perfect contrast to my coyote swapped '92. Yes, that would be the best of both worlds parked in my little garage. 

    The back story is that I know Kyle's brother Cory as well. His 3V swapped Fairmont was featured right here back in 2016. To have a brother into the same things as you are, is too cool. I guess the real question is who is the fastest?

    The car itself was a full rotisserie resto. The bottom of Kyle's notch is as slick as the topside after being blasted and painted. The PPG gray paint has a subtle look to it, that makes it stand out, without being over the top. Being a huge fan of Dark Shadow Gray from the Terminators, I totally dig the color. 

    The outside received a minimalist touch, of which I am a fan. The cowl hood was installed to clear the big shoulders of the Windsor, and the front Weld V series wheels are not only light, but look perfect with the matte black accents. The 15x10 RC comp beadlocks in the rear, shod with Hoosier slicks scream "all business". All hunkered down in drag mode, I wouldn't change a thing.     

    Powering this beast is a 357 Windsor, which ironically is not carb fed. Being EFI is definitely a plus for me. The top end consists of Trick Flow heads, Trick Flow stage II cam, and Trick Flow R series intake. Yup, she moves some air. The trans is a Tremec 3550, which is more than up to the task of handling all of the Windsors torque. Other bits include full exhaust, tubular k member, coil overs, Mach 1 brakes, subframe connectors, and manual steering rack. 

    I think it's time we give the old square light cars their due. After all of these years lurking in the shadows of their younger aero nose brothers; they deserve some limelight. Kyle's '86 is by far one of the nicest foxes I have come across, and represents the 79-86 crowd like a boss. Sure there are a ton of nice four eyes out there, but damn if this one isn't the ultimate. CR    

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