"Business Coupe"

    Mark Harwood's '93 SSP

“All I knew was it was a black SSP with a five speed, I didn’t care about much else”
— Mark Harwood

    The discussion about where the car scene is heading these days, has crossed my desk more than a few times recently. There has always been a generation gap in the car scene, but this is a little different. Fox body Mustang owners as a whole don't go for all the latest trends and fads that pop up. With the release of the S550 Mustangs, it seems that vinyl wraps, air ride suspension, huge wheels and the like are taking over. This is causing a splinter effect in the Mustang fan base. The fox body Mustang guys simply aren't into laying frame, and tucking their plastidipped 20" inch wheels. Not that any owner isn't entitled to their own taste, on their own car. However, the difference in taste is so pronounced now, and it would seem we aren't one big happy family anymore. Your humble scribe doesn't like to see the splinter effect, but it is what it is. As a whole, fox body Mustang guys seem to prefer the clean, simple, and somewhat understated approach to their cars.

    With all that being said, we give you a prime example of why gets a fox body guys blood pumping. No huge spoilers, no vinyl wraps, no giant wheels with lime green lips, and certainly no lambo doors. Check your color changing halo headlights at the door, this isn't a rave party.

    Back in 2009, Mark Harwood and a friend headed to Texas to deliver a car, and check out a certain black '93 SSP that was for sale in the area. Mark had never owned a fox, but had the fever for a black notch. After a quick test drive, a deal was struck, and Mark loaded up the notch for the trek home. Once home, he showed the car to a friend who thought it was a mistake to buy the car. "The car was all beat up, and the VIN tag had been torched out" said Mark. Still loving his notch, Mark got busy fixing the little things on the car, in an effort to bring it back to life. Shortly after that, Mark installed heads, cam and intake on the car, managing a 13.2 in the quarter. As Mark was thinking of tearing the car apart for a proper build, a built 408 and C4 came up for sale, and Mark couldn't resist the deal.    

    Starting with the paint and body, Mark took the car to a local shop for the work. The shop wouldn't touch the car, and gave him the bad news that the frame was bent. Undeterred, Mark and his friend set to work measuring, cutting and torching the car back straight. The car was completely gutted, the engine bay received smooth panels, and a wire tuck for that ultra slick look. Other pre paint projects include shaving the fuel door, welding in the roll cage, and custom subframe connectors. Once the new cowl hood arrived, the '93 was off to the paint booth. 

    The motivating factor is the aforementioned 408 Windsor, wearing healthy AFR 225 heads, Kooks long tube headers, Comp solid roller cam,  Jesel rockers, and Pro Systems 950 cfm carb. The trans is a PA C4 with a full manual valve body, and PTC converter. Out back, the 8.8 rear received 4.10 gears, Moser 33 spline axles, welded axle tubes, and a spool. Up the skirt, a full array of suspension upgrades from Maximum Motorsports, and UPR help the notch put all the power to the ground.

    So there you have it; simple, effective, deadly. Just the way we like them. I don't know what the future holds for the hobby, or the late model Mustang scene. What I do know is fox body Mustang guys know what they like, and this all business coupe sums it up nicely. CR

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