"Dad's Saleen"

     Muggur Bjornsson's '89 Saleen


“I enjoy the car with my wife, 12 year old son, and 15 year old daughter”
— Muggur Bjornsson


    So many times I hear at car shows and races people talking about their father's car, and going well into triple digit speeds late at night, but only as long as you didn't tell Mom. Most guys that are into cars got the fever from Dad, and learned most of their skills passing him wrenches while he grumbled about why cylinder five was still missing. The coolest thing ever, was finally firing the car up, and hopping in for a ride around the block, to see how she ran. If you are reading this, I'm almost certain you had very similar experiences. If you weren't lucky enough to have those memories, make sure that if you have kids, you start the tradition now. I don't think I am alone in worrying a bit that with so much technology available to kids now, the car hobby could be in jeopardy. Get those little ones out in the garage, and let's make some horsepower!

    Because this feature will hit your inbox on father's day, we had to give a shout to all the Dads that lit the fires in us. Lets not forget the dads that we now are, passing the torch to our kids. As I trolled through the feature submissions looking for the right car, Muggur Bjornesson's '89 Saleen popped up on the radar. Sure it's an ultra clean, and low mileage Saleen; but the story is what grabbed us. 

    Being a father of two, Muggur noted in his submission form that going for cruises in the car was something they love doing on hot summer nights, and those sunny weekend days. His son Thor is twelve, and his daughter Annika is fifteen,  and both love getting the fox body Mustang out as often as they are able. Muggur also points out that he's blown away by owners of exotics, that can't help but stare at the car.  Attending car shows, cruises, and Cars & Coffee events; the Ferrari boys just can't help but be enamored by the old fox. 

    As for the car, this is '89 #643. The mods are few, but effective, keeping it close to factory was important to Muggur. Under the hood is a period correct GT40 intake, Pro-M 75mm mass air meter, Ford Racing hoses, and Ford Racing plug wires. To add some extra handling capability to the Racecraft suspension, Bilstein shocks and struts were added, along with H&R springs. The wheels are period correct Speedines, finished in white powder coat to match the body color. To make the cruises a bit more entertaining, an upgraded stereo system was also installed, including an amp & sub for a little more bass. 

    Aside from the small additions, #643 is just as it was when Steve Saleen signed off on it, so many years ago. Muggur has owned several foxes, most of them low milage survivors, but his heart was always set on a Saleen.  Just one year ago  he finally made that dream come true, and couldn't be happier with it. Now when his kids grow up they have stories to tell, and pictures to show off of "Dad's Saleen". CR

Special thanks to: Anthony, Pete, and my wife Colleen for putting up with "the  car nonsense"

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