"Long Story Short"

Kevin Lenna's '91GT

“Yes Mom I know, the first speeding ticket I get, I will have to sell it”
— Kevin Lenna

    It's comforting for me to know, I'm not the only one that's been obsessed with fox body Mustangs for many years. There have been times I was told to seek help for my addiction, but I always choose to feed it all the more. I was the kid who plastered pictures of foxes all over my room, torn from old Super Ford magazine issues. I built the models, would draw pictures, and as I have said many times before; would ride my bike to the Ford dealer just for a look. Last October when I hit the road in project "Road Warrior"  for the Foxtoberfest car show, I had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Lenna, and checking out his '91 GT. Spotting the car as soon as I landed at the hotel, I had to move in for a closer look.

    Kevin's GT is not only wicked, but has a great story behind it. Sure the Wild Strawberry paint, perfect stance, and rumbling 347 got us looking, but the story about how it all came to be is what really captured my attention. 

   Flashback to the mid '90s when Kevin was still in high school, one of the office personnel owned this GT, and Kevin would always see it parked out front when walking to school. She was the original owner of the car, and received it as a valentine's day gift back in '91. "I would always jokingly ask her if she wanted to sell it" recalls Kevin. One day, in October of 2000, she actually said yes. Stunned, Kevin wasted no time getting home to beg and plead with his parents to buy him the car. After much debate, and $5500, Kevin became the second owner of the GT. At this time Kevin had just enlisted in the Air Force, and drove his fox body Mustang from Virginia to his first duty location in Alamogordo New Mexico. With a little bit of money in his pocket now, the bolt-on mods began. 

     A few years after his initial assignment, Kevin was assigned to an air base in Okinawa Japan. For some reason they do not allow cars newer than '76 to be imported, and Kevin was stuck. Luckily a relative offered to store the car for the next four years, while he was away. Unfortunately it was not stored in doors, and the summer sun took a toll on the GTs original paint. While overseas, Kevin saved every penny he could to restore his fox, when he got back to the states. Finally in '09, Kevin was transferred to Tucson, and the build began.

    From '09 to '12, Kevin undertook a complete restoration of his GT. Every nut and bolt came off the car. He began with building custom panels for the engine bay, and doing a complete wire tuck. Next up was a complete respray with the addition of a Cobra rear spoiler and bumper cover. While the interior was still in great shape, Kevin also began collecting parts to convert it to black. 

    On the mechanical side of things, a Ford Strokers 347 was ordered, and finished with AFR heads, and Holley intake. The trans was swapped out for a Tremec 3550, the brakes were converted to Cobra spec, and much of the Maximum Motorsports catalog was thrown at the suspension. 

    After owning the car nearly 17 years, and taking it from bone stock to a wicked street car; Kevin is still in love with his fox body Mustang. He's also thankful his wife puts up with his obsession. Long story short; this car will never leave his possession.     CR

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