"added venom"

Jeff Hinds '93 Cobra

Article by: Caleb Richards

“I always wanted a ‘93 Cobra, and after an accident in my Reef Blue notch, I decided it was time”
— Jeff Hinds



    As of this writing, one of the most popular, and coveted cars in the fox body scene is a Teal '93 Cobra. A few weeks ago we featured Ben O'Brien's '93, that was mostly stock, and an excellent example. When FCM Subscriber Jeff Hinds sent us some shots of his '93 Cobra, all we could think was this was the evil twin. Very few cars get as much attention when posted on the page, and the owners of the cars get bombarded with messages about whether the car is for sale. 

    Due to being a '93 Cobra only color, and only available for one year, is one of the reasons why they are so sought after. Not to mention that the color looks totally wicked on the clean fox body lines. You would be hard pressed to find anyone that loves a fox body mustang, that wouldn't donate a body part to own a clean example. Your humble author is included in that lot. Rest assured I will have one tucked away soon. 

    Jeff Hinds has always been into Mustangs, this being his tenth pony. Four years ago he was the proud owner of a Reef Blue '93 notchback, another highly sought after color. He built the car up starting with an S trim, then a YS-i, then on to a turbo. Things were getting serious. Around this time, the coupe was involved in an accident, and totaled out. Devastated after all the hard work, Jeff was at a crossroads. 

    For several years Jeff hand wanted a Teal '93, and being out of a ride, he decided the time had come. A six month long search began for the right car, which led him to #2837, that was down in Tennessee. After several calls and emails, Jeff was sold, and loaded up for the drive from Charleston, SC. Doing the drive in one day, it was a long one, but Jeff finally had his dream car. 

      After recovering from the trip, Jeff got busy building the car up exactly how he wanted. While many owners choose to leave their Cobra stock, Jeff had other plans. He began by pulling the engine out and freshening up the bottom end. He then slid in a TFS stage II cam, and torqued down a set of Trick Flow heads ported by Fox Lake. Once the long block was finished, Jeff snugged down a set of Scorpion roller rockers, a Holley Systemax intake, and BBK shorty headers. The crowing touch is a Vortech S trim supercharger, upgraded to Si spec. To keep the candles lit, and the beast fed, an Aeromotive fuel system with 60lb injectors was plumbed, and a complete MSD ignition system wired in. To keep it dialed in,  Chris Tuten wrote a custom tune using Diablsport software, which yielded excellent manners and big power. 

    Behind the blown small block, Jeff chose to swap in a built AOD, with a 9" converter, to make the car more consistent at the track. The 8.8 rear was then upgraded with 31 spline axels, 4.10 gears, and heavy duty differential; plenty robust to handle the blown mill. Putting the power to the ground is the entire UPR catalog from front to rear, which help the snake run 6.40 @110 in the 1/8th.

    Chris has several upgrades planned for the car, and is hoping to get down in the 6.00 range with the new additions. He mainly enjoys cruising the car, and hitting the Friday night test & tune with his friends. Chris is quick to thank his wife Nicole for putting up with his obsession, his daughter Brittany for always wanting to help, and Chris Tuten for tuning the car. Everyone loves these Cobras, whether they are bone stock, or have some added venom. CR


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