Anthony McDaniel's '93 GT

“My daughter was two at the time, she loved dropping the top and riding around”
— Anthony McDaniel

    Car builds have a way of getting out of control fast. They start with a few mods, and a year later the car is totally torn apart. Even your humble author is guilty of this, many times over, even recently as I decided to do a "quick" wire tuck on Project Road Warrior. With one side done, I am now planning to yank the fenders and front bumper cover to really get the job done. One upgrade leads to another, and the question of: "Why not go ahead, while we are at it" keeps nagging at you. Take a simple engine swap, for example. Just looking to add some power, and while sipping beverages you begin thinking that the engine bay could use some attention, while it is out. So you begin cleaning, maybe tucking some wires, and then you realize all the holes. So "while you are at it", you might as well fill the holes. Then more holes. Then more holes, and of course it will need painted. See how this works?

    Anthony McDaniel of Fayetteville, NC knows this story all too well. A few years ago he owned an '89 GT convertible, and loved taking his daughter for rides in the car. As life happened he had to sell the car, but vowed to be back in a fox body Mustang soon as he was financially able. For a year or so he saved his funds, and drove a '99 Corolla to avoid a car payment. This allowed him to stockpile cash for his next fox.

    After recovering from buying his first home, Anthony finally had the cash to buy another fox body Mustang. He picked up an '89 coupe that was already mostly built, and was stoked to be back in the saddle. Shortly after that, the car started acting up on him: "I remember driving my daughter to daycare in the car, and it cut off on me" says Anthony. He tried for two years to get the car to act right, and eventually sold it. Two months later while scouring the internet for foxes, he found this 93' GT. Being two tone Reef Blue, Anthony was totally in love. The car already had HCI, and some other mods; Anthony was sold. Initially, he planned to add a set of forged wheels, and a Vortech supercharger, but you already know how that turned out. Anthony met Manir Karim of Our Dream Auto, and the two began considering some other options for the car. Less than a week later the engine was out, and the build was on.

    They initially intended to just smooth the engine bay, and add some coil covers to the car. While Manir was working his magic, Anthony found a deal on a '14 coyote engine, and things began to get serious. The blown 306 was sold, and the coyote motor was delivered to the shop. After several months of work, the engine bay was ready, and the coyote was dropped in. Shortly after getting the car running, they decided a Boss manifold color matched to the car would be a nice touch. So the work continued. Once again running, Anthony had been doing some reading on how well the coyote responded to boost.

    You guessed it. A D1SC Procharger was ordered, and the build continued. What began as a few weeks project was already a year in the making.

    Anthony had also been considering some changes to the interior. Loving the Mach 1 style upholstery from TMI products, another order was placed. The next interior mod came by way of a custom cluster from Florida 5.0, housing a full array of Auto Meter gauges. The final touch is a leather wrapped Momo steering wheel, replacing the original airbag unit.

    As you well know, the driveline and brakes would need attention as well. A Tremec TR3650 trans was installed, along with a Ram HD clutch. The brakes were then converted to Cobra spec, and also received EBC rotors. Now the car can handle the power, and stop with confidence. 

    As of this writing, Anthony is still not finished. Just installed was the Makers Garage front splitter, and the car is awaiting a new cloth top. As soon as the new injectors arrive, the car will also be tuned. Who knows what the Vertyote will get next. CR  

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