What are the rarest fox body Mustang colors by year?

    If you are into obscure and somewhat useless knowledge regarding these cars we so love, then this will be right up your alley. As the foxes get older, and harder to find in a nice example, the interest in knowing more about your own cars numbers is bound to surface. I remember as a kid, hearing the old guys spout off production numbers, and why their car was so rare and special. 

    While I was pouring over the Fox Body Recognition guide last week, my mind began to wonder about what colors were the rarest ever to grace the flanks of the '82-'93 Mustangs. Bear in mind there are limited resources to get these numbers, so we used the best ones we could find, these are not numbers gathered by us, rather several resources that have worked with Ford to collect data. We make no claims of 100% accuracy, as only Ford can make that claim. Because the details on the '79-'81 cars were a bit sketchy, they have been omitted (god forbid I make a mistake and get piles of hate mail). Being that these colors are so rare, locating accurate picture examples simply was not an option for all of them. So here they are, not the rarest cars; the rarest colors on specific body types:

1982: Color code 6Z Pastel Vanilla was only sprayed 57 times on a GT Hatchback for the entire 1982 model year. Based on the ford color charts, this is a cream color, looking somewhat off white. 


1983: Color Code 2G Bright Bittersweet GLX Notchback, there were only ten of these, making it the rarest color/body for 1983

1984: This year is a toss up, Color Code 35 Light Academy Blue GT Turbo convertible is a one of one, and one 9L Oxford White SVO was produced. This is rather odd, out of 4,507 SVOs made for 1984, one was painted oxford white. 

1985: For 1985, the rarest by color/body was a Color Code 4M Dark Slate GT hatchback. Only 29 of them were made, making it the winner for that year. 

1986: '86 is also a tie, with two body styles also thrown in the mix. Color code 4E Dark Sage on a LX notchback 5.0 was only done six times. Color code 4M Dark Slate (same as 1985) was done six times on a notchback 5.0, and GT hatchback. 

1987: For 1987, if you own a Color Code 8Y Dark Sable LX 5.0 convertible, that is one of 27, and the rarest fox body that year. I personally have never seen one in that color. 

1988: The winner for '88 is Color Code 8L Sand Beige, if you own a 5.0 notchback from that year, and color code, it is 1 of 23.

1989: For '89 another super rare color holds the crown, across all models. Color Code 66 Tropical Yellow, on a 5.0 notchback was done just 67 times. I have seen only one of these cars in person. According to our research, it was also called Mimosa (same color code). 

1990: For '90 Color Code YG Medium Titanium holds the title at 6 LX 5.0 convertibles. However, Color code  MM Ultra Blue was sprayed 7 times on LX 5.0 notchbacks. Color code EM Medium Red was also an ultra rare color for 1990

1991: For 1991, color code KA Light Crystal Blue takes the cake, with 65 being the low number on an LX 5.0 convertible. Color code K3 came in a close second with 67 LX 5.0 drop tops. 

1992: The hands down winner for 1992 is color code MM Ultra Blue, sprayed on a 5.0 notchback. Only two of these exist. I have never seen one. This color was mainly used on GT models. 

1993: The last and final year brings us to color code LA Royal blue, with the low number being LX 5.0 convertible coming in with just 132. 

    So there you have it, the rarest color/body combinations by year. Sure there are lots of rare colors and models, but these are the lowest numbers produced for each year. Check your color codes closely, you never know how rare your fox body might be.