Fox Body Mustang For Sale

    Oh yeah, you've seen this phrase a million times: "Ford Fox Body Mustang For Sale". You get all excited and think maybe this is the one! The ultra clean survivor car that some little old lady only drove to church. Then you open the ad and the car is near death, or hacked up beyond repair. I know for me personally, that has happened more than a few hundred times. So if you are looking to buy a fox body Mustang, where should you start?

    Bear with me as I do my best to help with this delima. There really is no easy answer to this. This doesn't just pertain to foxes, any older car is going to give you a fit trying to locate the right one. The older they get, the less picky you can be when it comes to colors and options. If you are absolutely dead set on a specific combo, you will need three things: patience, a pile of cash, and the ability to travel as soon as you find the car. If you aren't quite as picky, your search will be a bit easier. 

    Where do you start? The best thing to do is crack open your laptop and check Craigslist nearby. Craigslist is a complete pain in the rear, full of scammers, and full of junk, but you can still sort through and find a solid candidate. Next place I would look is Auto Trader, the cars there seem to be a bit nicer, simply because to get a decent ad, you have to pay for it. I have found some super nice cars there. Message forums still have cars for sale as well, places like the Corral, Stangnet, SVT Performance, etc. I have personally bought three cars off of the forums, but this was ten years ago when they were much more active. Facebook can be a source as well, the problem there is that you really have to dig in and spend hours looking. For sale pages are scattered all over the place, and could drive you to drink. Another option is dealers like Gateway Classic Cars, Performance Autosport, etc. Dealers like these carry high end foxes that will fetch a pretty penny. The best of the best will be found there. 

    For tips on what to look for, check out our other posts, thats a whole other can of worms. Finding the car is just the tip of the iceburg, once you go look at the car, you can decide if its right for you. I can't tell you what to buy, simply because everyone has their own wants and needs for their car. Someone who is building a drag car has different needs than someone just wanting a cruiser. Have your plan in mind before you start looking, and then hit up all of the above mentioned places.  CR