Run nines, GET CASH!

The NMRA Coyote Stock race to the nines is heating up in a big way! Back in March at the Spring Break Shootout, Darin Hendricks set the record with an insane 10.075! With Jacob Lamb and Drew Lyons hot on his tail, both running 10.14 respectively, the burning question now is who will make the very first nine-second pass, with a sealed coyote crate engine? With such tight competition, anyone could make this miracle happen!

To fan the flames, the guys over at UPR and PMAS have stepped up with additional payouts for whoever backs up a record setting pass in the nines, running UPR suspension and PMAS intake. Not only that, but Foxcast Media is throwing in an additional $100, as well as several other brands, and the NMRA has promised the cover of Race Pages Magazine to the magic man! The only question now: Who's it gonna be?

Here's how it works: UPR already pays $300 for a win, and $150 for runner up in Coyote Stock.

For the record pass:

 UPR $100

PMAS $100

Foxcast Media $100

Mod Motor Mustangs $200

Flow Tech Induction $100

NMRA $1 (and the cover of Race Pages Magazine)



Strap in tight, it's gonna get! CR