Could project "Road Warrior" really be out of commission?

    Say it isn't so! Our long term project fox body Mustang out of the game for quite a while? That would totally suck! Why though, theres so many events it needs to be at, how on earth could it be torn apart for six months or more? Before you go thinking that our beloved '92 LX is wounded, she's not. The little 302 between it's fenders is rock solid, and laid down 320/352 thanks to an SCT tune from Bob Kurgan. So why then, what could be the reason? Read on foxbody Mustang faithful!

    For a long time, we at FCM command central have been contemplating the move to coyote. The firestorm of coyote swapped fox body Mustangs has been wreaking havoc in our brains, and we are succumbing to the trend. The simple answer? It just makes sense. While we are SBF faithful for life, and will always have some pushrod soldiers in the stable, Ford did themselves proud with a nasty little 5.0L that can best a full boogie 347, motor for motor. Check all of the top engine builders like DSS and Bennett, a forged 347 is not cheap, and neither is a coyote. However, prices have begun to fall, as the coyote nears it's sixth birthday, and trust us when we say that we have been watching prices very closely. A truck engine can be had for the paltry sum of $2200, and will lay down damn near 400 to the tire, with headers, cold air, and tune. The numbers don't lie, the little 4Vs are animals, even out of a truck. But if you are reading this, you don't need me to tell you that. 

    So all that is left to be decided is if we should pull the trigger, and get busy. Being right at the beginning of the 2017 race and show season, we really don't want to take the car off the road, that is problem number one. Problem number two is what engine should we go with? Truck motor, 11-14 motor, 2015 and up motor, crate motor, etc. What trans should we run? Our T5  is already on borrowed time, so the price will add up quickly. What do you think? Anyone need a stout HCI 302?