Ep. 17 Everything you ever wanted to know about foxtoberfest

Matt & Jenn Highly from Fox Mustang Restoration, and Troy Raby of Southeastern Foxbodies give us all the details about the Foxtoberfest car show. The history behind the show, how it evolved, and what is coming in the future for the only all fox body show on the planet! Do not miss this episode!

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EP. 16 how did foxcast media start, and where are we going

Approaching our second anniversary, I take a break to tell the story behind how FCM got started, why it was started, and what the future holds for the brand. If you are curious about what it takes to make FCM tick, here's a peek behind the curtain. 

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EP. 15 frank perdomo from power by the hour talks coyote swaps

Power By the Hour has been making big moves to make your coyote swap easier. From front accessory brackets, fittings, control packs, and wiring harnesses. Want to get your coyote swap going for your fox body Mustang? Start right here.

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EP. 14 "Ask the experts" senior tech advisor carlos sobrino answers your questions live

In episode two we tackle fuel system upgrades for your blown fox body Mustang, heat issues with a front mount intercoolers, and how to mount a 17x10 wheel on the back of your fox! Also, Carlos has big news coming for his racing career, and gives us some hints about what he has coming up!

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EP. 13 "Ask the experts" Senior tech advisor carlos sobrino answers your questions live

As promised, we answer your tech questions live on the Foxcast Podcast. This episode we cover supercharger belt slip, long tube headers, coyote clutch forks, and picking the right size tire for your rear end gear. Send us an email to caleb@thefoxcast.com to get your question answered on the show. 

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EP. 12: Airflow Research's Tim Torrecarion shares tips on choosing the best head for your Ford

If you have ever tried to build your own HCI combo, it can be a daunting task. FCM brings on Airflow Research to give us some tips and advise to build the best combo possible. Check out this episode first before diving head first into your small block Ford build. 

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EP. 11: TMI products Dean satterfield talks interior restoration

FCM takes a  break from all of the performance talk to discuss restoring your fox body Mustang interior. TMI Products Dean Satterfield gives us some tips and info on how to bring your upholstery back to life. 

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EP. 10: Maximum Motorsports Jack Hidley is on the show

We talk all things fox body Mustang suspension with the pros at Maximum Motorsports. From springs, shocks, k-members, and tons more. The Staff at MM have a wealth of track tested knowledge to help you meet your cars suspension goals. Do not miss this episode!



Ep. 9: NPD's Matt Laszaic stops by The Foxcast studios

We talk new parts, the recent NPD Silver Springs car show, the killer NPD car collection, and tons more. Matt also gives us some insider info on whats coming in the way of restoration parts, as well as new old stock parts! Do not miss this episode. 

Contact Matt

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Ep. 8: NMRA CS racer Carlos Sobrino talks about his '16 season

After a tough season in the NMRA, Carlos wins big at the Imports vs. Domestics race, and sets a new record for a sealed coyote crate engine! We also discuss the coming of the new coyote engines, transmission changes mid year, and the '17 season!

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Ep. 7: Update on all things Foxcast Media, from our project foxbody, to recent events

As car season is winding down for the year, we take a minute to recap all of the action from this 2016. Updates and critique on project "Road Warrior", our trip to the NMRA World Finals & Foxtoberfest, upcoming Foxcast TV, and much more! Keep it locked in right here for the very best fox body Mustang news!

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Ep. 6: True Street champion, and Hot Rod Drag Week racer Mike Jovanis joins us

With several True Street championships under his belt, and a successful run at the Hot Rod Magazine Drag Week, Mike Jovanis discusses what it takes to build an eight second street car. From the engine management, cooling system, to the suspension. We get into the nuts and bolts of going extremely fast in a street car. 

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Ep. 5 Mike Galimi, editor of Race Pages Magazine is on the show!

Mike Galimi is a hardcore Ford guy. Formerly with Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords Magazine from '03-'09, and currently the editor of Race Pages Magazine. We talk about Mike's time at the magazine both past, and present. We also talk NMRA racing including Coyote Stock, and Factory stock. Mike gives us some info on his personal fox body Mustang, and much more.

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Race Pages Magazine 

Ep. 4 Editor of Fastest Street Car Magazine, and former Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords writer Steve Baur talks fox!

Staff of Muscle Mustangs & Fast Ford Magazine from 2000-2010, former editor of Modified Mustang & Fords, and current editor of Fastest Street Car Magazine reminisces about the early days of the foxbody. Owner of two prominent project cars: Project Stolen Goods (Teal 93' Cobra), and Procharged Pony (Procharged 90' GT); Steve has a long history in the fox body Mustang movement. More behind the scenes stories, great tips on building a car you can live with, and awesome track stories. 

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Ep. 3: The Foxcast sits down with UPR Products Sharad Raldaris to talk fox

Sharad Raldaris is a longtime fox body Mustang fan, and has built some amazing cars. Formerly of 5.0 Mustang & Super Ford Magazine, Sharad has moved on to Marketing Manager for UPR Products. We talk about his past builds, including "Stocker Shocker" which took a one owner '89 LX with only 46K original miles to a track terror! Sharad also shares some tips on hooking your fox up at the track for max ET! 

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Read about his 89' LX:


Ep. 2: Former Editor of 5.0 Mustang Steve Turner, and former tech editor of 5.0 Mustang magazine K.J Jones tell their stories

The Foxcast sits down with two icons of the fox body Mustang community to talk about their days at the magazine, their personal foxes, and their perspective on what the future holds for the third generation cars. 

Ep. 1: Longtime NMRA competitor and owner of Scramspeed; Steve Moberley talks fox

Steve Moberley has had a long and successful career racing the NMRA! Competing in Pure Street, Coyote Stock, and Factory stock. Steve has owned countless fox body Mustangs, and still does. Steve has also recently opened Scram Speed which specializes in engine swaps, and custom dyno tuning on their Mustang Dyno. Scram Speed offers several parts to help you make your Coyote swap happen! Check out the show, and stop by his website!

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