NMRA World Finals

FCM heads to Kentucky for the premier drag racing event of the year!


    The NMRA World Finals in Bowling Green KY never fails to be a killer event. The final race of the season is where records are broken and champions are crowned. The sixth and final event of 2016 was all set, and we were headed to Kentucky for the party. 

    Once we landed at Beech Bend Raceway park, it was obvious the weather was not on our side. Cloudy skies, and patches of showers were doing their best to squash the action. The crew was doing their best to get the track open, but the rain was having none of that. We set up in the pits with our good friends Carlos Sobrino, Chalie Rankin, and Marco Ponce to wait out the weather. 

    As Friday wore on, it was becoming obvious that it just wasn't going to happen. Despite not getting to race, we had a great day bench racing, and maybe a shenanigan or two in the pits. Up bright and early Saturday morning, greeted with a hint of sunshine, we fired up project "Road Warrior" and headed for the track. Guzzling mass amounts of coffee, and bundled up to fend off the cold temps; we all wanted to see some racing. About eleven a.m the announcer began calling cars to the lanes; let's get this party started!

    With Friday being a total bust, two days worth of qualifying had to be squeezed into one day, and we were there for the long haul. Only stopped twice by some misting rain, the NMRA crew kept things moving along. With the likes of Boosted GT, Mike Murrilo, Bill Devine, and so many others; there was no shortage of action on the track. The car show was packed to capacity, the manufacturers midway was it's biggest yet, and the swap meet was busting at the seams with any part you heart desired. 

    With your author hard at work filming the first episode of Foxcast TV with NMRA CS racer Carlos Sobrino, it was hard not to get distracted by all of the action. From Factory Stock to Street Outlaw and Renegade; there was no shortage of hardware on property. With the staging lanes packed to capacity, and over 200 True Street cars still waiting to run at ten o'clock that night; it was a race fan's dream come true.

    The car show was also a massive spectacle. The normal field where the show is held was filled to capacity, and was forced to expand to the adjacent field to handle all of the entrants. From classic Fords to brand Roush Mustangs, whatever your taste, you wouldn't be disappointed. There was also a solid showing for the foxbody guys in the show, with several eye popping examples in attendance. A coyote swapped Fairmont caught our eye, as well as a black four eye notch hunkered down on Weld RT-S wheels. Truth be told, we needed an entire day just for the car show. 

    The manufacturers midway at all NMRA events is a must see as well. Jam packed with all the best vendors like Nitto Tire, Tremec, UPR, Fox Mustang Restoration, Stifflers, Caltech, Scott Rod, and tons more. Not just there to sell parts, the chance to get tech and product advice from the vendors is invaluable. At one end you could buy all of the NMRA swag you wanted, and at the other end the mobile dyno was spinning away all day. It is always nice seeing vendors out on the show circuit mixing it up with their customers and supporting events like NMRA drag racing. 

    If you have never attended an NMRA event, we highly recommend you make one. With six total events all over the country, they truly are a Ford fans paradise. Even in the evenings when the gates close, the entire town is taken over by Fords, we enjoyed cruising to some of the many parking lots filled with cars. The Hobby Lobby on Scottsville Rd had a good 150 cars just hanging out for a mock car show, luckily everyone behaved and zero tickets were issued.

    Lock in your reservations in now for the nearest NMRA event, get that Ford ready, and we will see you for the 2017 season. CR