NMRA World Finals 2017

perfect weather makes this the best world finals ever!


    If you caught our coverage last year, you know the weather has been wreaking havoc on the finals for two straight years. This year, was a totally different story. With highs in mid 70s, clear skies, and a light breeze; it just doesn't get any better. The forecast promised a huge turnout, fast ETs, and good times. 

    Yours truly loaded up early Friday morning for Bowling Green, and hit town mid morning, just as temps started to go up. Once on the scene, the packed house confirmed my assumption that this year would be big. Pitting once again with Carlos Sobrino (FCM tech advisor), and Marco Ponce ( The real deal BOSS); we were very glad to be back in Kentucky. Carlos had already done a clutch change on the car, and had that determined look to go some rounds this weekend. 

    After getting set up, we headed over to the circle track and caught up with FCM subscriber Bob Myers and his bubble back Capri. Rocking a full boogie 2.3L turbo, Bob was looking to make some noise in True Street. The TS class is a seriously cool show to watch, as each car must complete a 30 mile cruise, and make three back-to-back passes, hoping to average as close to your index as possible. This class also allows guys who may not meet the rules of other classes, to compete on the big stage. The NMRA also vowed to double the payouts, if 150 cars entered. 

Bob Myers wicked 2.3 T powered Capri made a showing in TS, but some unexpected issues kept him from the winners circle. 

After the car pulled a huge wheel stand, and headed for the wall, Darrin Hendricks and crew were hard at work getting the car figured out. 

FS racer Gary Windsor giving it all he had this weekend, with a bad lifter ending the 2017 season for his team. 

    I was also glad to meet Jim Webb and his son Kru that recently completed their '87 LX to compete in CS. Despite not being allowed to compete this weekend due to a rule violation, Jim was able to run each time with the class, and get his legs under him. I was fortunate enough to shoot the car for a full feature, as this is one beautiful race car. Once dialed in, the Webb guys will be a player in CS for sure

    Good friend, and FS racer Gary Windsor was also on hand, rocking a nasty little 311, and hoping to go some rounds. The charcoal gray notch developed a tick during qualifying, and after Gary tore it down he a found a loose rocker. Once back on the track the car was still ticking pretty bad, and was signaling that deeper issues were at work. While he was hoping to have a strong showing at the finals, Gary had to cut the weekend short.     

After pulling the trans twice for a bad clutch, and bad flywheel, CS driver Carlos Sobrino also found a blown rear shock. 

We were honored to meet Jim Webb and his son who are diving into the CS stock game, and getting some seat time in their beautiful '87 LX

Eventual event winner, and CS champion Jacob Lamb cooling the car down between rounds. 

    Checking out the car show, it was pretty easy to tell the crowd was much larger this year. I was also super excited to see several new foxes, including a Sand Beige Fairmont, with a beastly 393W. I was also honored to shoot George's 30K mile '93 notchback, that is the very definition of "exceptional". 

    The coyote swap phenomenon was definitely in full effect. Counting no less than ten, in just the area I was able to hit. One notable was a black notchback, with True Forged wheels, TMI interior, Baer Brakes, and MMR billet valve covers. The quality of the fox body builds I am seeing is steadily on the rise, making for some serious eye candy, and making it seriously hard for me to get any work done!

    The other part of the event that makes getting work done a total pain is the swap meet area. Stuffed full of every used part one could imagine, the ideas start to flow and all concentration is lost. With a coyote swap, black interior swap, and brake upgrade on the horizon for our project car; tearing myself away from the parts was a true chore. Not only was there scores of parts, there were also several complete cars for sale. One of them was a two tone '89 GT that was bone stock, and while rough around the edges, was completely unmolested down to the turbine wheels. I was once again lost in project ideas, and forced to refocus. 

The car show had to have been a record this year, and the variety of cars was amazing. This ultra clean box-top Fairmont caught our eye. 

You would be hard pressed to take in all of the action on Saturday. The entire Beech Bend facility was packed to the gills with everything Ford. Try as we might, we still didn't make it to every corner. 

You would be hard pressed to take in all of the action on Saturday. The entire Beech Bend facility was packed to the gills with everything Ford. Try as we might, we still didn't make it to every corner. 

Every Ford vehicle imaginable was on display in the car show. From classics to brand new GT350s.

    As always, the World Finals did not disappoint. The only downside I run into is the lack of internet service to deliver content in real time. My goal at these events is always to bring you the action as it happens, and in Kentucky that is not possible at times. Either way, this is a must attend event, and total sensory overload for a Ford guy. I have to tip my hat to the NMRA team for making such huge event run so smoothly. Having attended several events this year, I can truly appreciate a staff that knows what they are doing. With crowds this size, tons of different race classes, car show, and things like True Street; this was no easy task to pull off. 

    Start planning now to hit some NMRA events for the 2018 season, and we will see you there! CR

This Saleen Explorer XP8 was so cool, and is on our short list of "must have" vehicles. 

This ultra clean '86 GT rocked a coyote swap, CCW wheels, and a ridiculously slick paint job. 

The picture perfect forecast made this the best NMRA World Finals in years! You can bet we will be there next year!

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