Mustang Week 2017 part II

The biggest and baddest all mustang event of the year

Article by: Caleb Richards


    With Monday and Tuesday in the books, and a few hours of shut eye, Thursday started early. After grabbing some coffee with Scott Hartrick, we headed out to meet with Harris Lue, Tom Clark, Nick Meyer, John Wise, and Manir Karim for what would be the fox body photo shoot of the century. While we wanted to head out and see the action at the drag strip, we had to get some cars shot. Having never seen Tom Clark's fresh build, I was very glad to see his work in person. Tom is the owner of Sinis Built, and I am certain if you are reading this, you have seen his incredible Pace Car build. 

    After being ran off from the Palace theater, we headed to another area under a bridge, that offered the perfect photo op. While this was supposed to be a quick shoot, we ended up staying there for several hours, just enjoying the fox body porn that was in such abundance. I also took the opportunity to do a live ride along in Nick Meyer's coyote swapped, and turbocharged '93 Cobra. If you missed it, stop by the FCM Facebook page.  

    Once the shoot was done, we were already late to make the convention center to get the booth set up. I jumped in Scott's GT and we high tailed it back to the house to scoop up project RW, and the rest of my gear. With all of the vendors stacked in time slots to set up, I had just 15 minutes to make a 20 minute drive; I made it.  Once on property I met up with MNRA Coyote Stock driver, and FCM Tech advisor Carlos Sobrino, who's car was also in the booth. Also on hand was Mario Pineda with his Vortech blown, Bimini Blue notch. This was going to be one hell of a statement for the fox body faithful.   

    Getting the booth arranged was a mad dash, with so many friends around I wanted to talk to.  Next door to us, the National Parts Depot gang was also setting up, rocking some killer foxes owned by Kevin Lockamy, and Mike Stallings. I must say, to have the fox body represented so well inside the convention center, was very refreshing. Judging from the response of fans coming by the booth, I was not the only one glad our old horses got some spotlight. 

    Another notable in the convention center was one white GT convertible owned and built by Joe Caldwell. If you have been around the fox game for a while, the iconic "Racin Jason" Mustang should ring a bell. Originally owned by Mike Ragusa, and driven by Jason Betwarda, this was the first fox body in the 7's. Tragically Jason lost his life racing another car back in 1999, and Joe Caldwell found the car two years ago, spending countless hours and cash returning it back to how it looked in the '90s. It was truly an honor to meet Joe, and look at this car that I read about in the magazines nearly twenty years ago. 

    Spending most of the afternoon getting things set up, we never got to make the drag strip to see the dyno battle, but preparations for Friday took priority. Once done at the convention center, we loaded up and headed back to the house to relax for a few minutes. By this time I was feeling the lack of sleep, but we still had the two busiest days ahead of us. Sheesh, I am getting old. CR

To be continued...

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