Mustang Week 2017 part 1

The biggest and baddest all mustang event of the year

Article by: Caleb Richards

Photos by: Harris Lue


    The very first FCM trip to Mustang Week definitely did not disappoint. As you should know by now, our resident project "Road Warrior" was once again put in the wind, to prove that you can drive and enjoy your fox body. The chronicles of the trip began early Tuesday morning, leaving FCM command central in West Tennessee. Pointed East down I-40 for the first leg of the trip, we were met with heavy rain, torrential rain, the kind where people pull off on the side of the road with their hazard lights on. Project RW typically rides without wipers for a smooth look, but we threw the arms in the hatch just in case the wet stuff reared its ugly head. Less than an hour in, the inevitable happened. The driver side wiper, however, decided to be a problem child and continue to separate from the arm, leaving your humble scribe all but blinded in traffic. After three separate stops involving zip ties to secure the blade, we soldiered on through the wet stuff. The trip in total should have taken us about twelve hours, including stops for fuel and bad gas station food. 

    The trip was fairly uneventful other than the rain, and with just 130 miles before we hit the beach, one last stop was made to fill up with 93 octane. After filling up, and grabbing one more energy drink, Road Warrior failed to start. As best as I could tell the fuel pump was not coming on, so I proceeded to bang on the fuel pump relay, and fuel tank. After about ten minutes the car miraculously started, and I vowed to make a mad dash for the beach house. All was well until the car decided to cut off doing 70 miles per hour. Since I was rolling, I roll started the car, but there simply was nothing else I could do. On a two lane highway, 63 miles from Myrtle Beach, I was dead in the water. With no street lights to be had, and having visions of the movie "Deliverance" I jumped out and pushed the wounded soldier onto the side of the road. After half on hour of beating and banging, RW simply wasn't going to fire.  

    At this point things were getting desperate. It was past ten o'clock, and a $400 tow to the beach simply wasn't going to do. I put the word out to all my fellow fox body guys already in town, and hoped someone could come to my aid. With all the trailers locked up in storage, I was beginning to think I was sleeping in the car. No way was the car getting left there to be pilfered by unsavory characters. Not knowing if it was the fuel pump or the relay, I wasn't certain what to do. At this point, Mike Stallings and Chris Ellis jumped in Mike's notchback, and drove the 63 miles to bring me a relay. All the while, Brad Jones stayed by the phone with a trailer at the ready. Once on the scene, I pulled the relay only to find rusty water inside; I had hope. Once the new relay was installed, Chris jumped in the car and said a prayer; she fired. All breathing a sigh of relief, we loaded up the foxes and headed for the coast. At nearly one a.m we rumbled into Myrtle Beach, nearly 15 hours after I left. I was done. I have to sincerely thank all of the guys who were glad to do anything they could to help out, for me, that is what its all about. 

    Wednesday morning, when I finally drug myself out of bed, I was met with cloudy skies and light showers. With thousands of people traveling from all over the country, the rain was ruining the entire day. After catching up on some emails, hoping the rain would stop, we decided it was time to get out. The days event was held at Myrtle Beach Speedway, giving drivers a chance to hit the circle track, and an auto cross course. With the clouds parting some, we loaded up with some friends to see what was what.  

    Once on the scene, despite the rain, the track was packed. The track was dry and there were several cars trying their luck going fast, and turning left. Positioned in the infield was an auto cross course, several vender trailers, as well as Vaugh Gettin Jr signing autographs. It was great to finally be experiencing Mustang Week, instead of staring at the rain. We ran into several familiar faces, and saw some amazing cars to boot. While your author has only ever raced in a straight line, I found myself wanting to get out and see what it was like to take some turns. The smell of hot brakes, and hot clutch in the air was definitely reassuring that this was going to be a great week. 


    Once we had made the rounds at the track, it was time to head back to town to see where all of the after meets were. Friend, and FCM contributor Harris Lue had put on an event at Suck Bang Blow, so we headed over to see what was happening. With a retro inspired theme, and fifty plus Mustangs in the parking lot, we knew this was the right place. The cars were everywhere, and the retro outfits were beyond cool. From the building to the street, the lot was jam packed with Mustangs, and as you wound around to the rear, even more. Seeing so many friends, and so many killer cars; I almost forgot I was operating on four hours of sleep. Despite the lot being full, the cars kept coming, eventually taking up two neighboring lots. As the night wore on, the burn outs in the street commenced, as well as in the rear where SBB also had their very own burn out box; this livened things up for sure.

    Being the perfect finish to a crazy first day in Myrtle Beach, the Retro Party will definitely be on our list of must attend events for next year. After making the rounds and seeing so many friends, it was time to load up and get some shut eye for Thursday; the action never stops at Mustang Week, and I had to be ready. To be continued... CR


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