"brick in the wind"

   I typically have someone correct my Facebook posts once a week or more when I list the fox years as 78-93. The response goes like this: "Don't you mean 79-93...


"in plain sight"

    Something I have noted many times at races and car shows, little details are easily missed. As car guys, we put our heart and soul into our builds...



positively, located

    Owning such a complicated beast as project RW, as you  may have read in our first installment of the suspension upgrades, we left this one to the experts. If you haven't checked out our stage I build, it started with the basics.

Come correct

With our long term project '92 LX rocking original paint, the struggle is real to keep it looking good. Leaving Detroit with its single stage Vermillion Red, the car has a tendency to turn pink...

Event Coverage


foxtoberfest 2017

With the 2017 car season winding down, this pinnacle event caps off what will go down in the books as one crazy year for FCM. Our sixth event for the year would prove to be the perfect way...


NMRA World finals 2017

 If you caught our coverage last year, you know the weather has been wreaking havoc on the finals for two straight years. This year, was a totally different story...



Project "road warrior"

Our long term project '92 LX is the subject of tons of tech articles and product testing. Sponsored by National Parts Depot, and Maximum Motorsports, we help you get your fox built right!

fcm podcast

Available on iTunes and Stitcher radio, the FCM podcast is another industry first!