Foxtoberfest 2017

All records shattered at the biggest and baddest all foxbody show!


     With the 2017 car season winding down, this pinnacle event caps off what will go down in the books as one crazy year for FCM. Our sixth event for the year would prove to be the perfect way to end the perfect year. Foxtoberfest 2016 was truly an eye opening event for me, bringing in 382 foxes for the show. With solid growth year over year, I knew it would be even better this year. 

    Once again, our trooper of a project car was loaded down with as much gear as would fit in the hatch, and I hit the road in the wee hours of the morning, bound for Charlotte. With nine hours of straight driving, this is the second longest distance we've been, only bested by the drive to Mustang Week in Myrtle Beach SC.

    We arrived safe and sound Friday afternoon, with just enough time to clean the road grime off of the car, to make certain she was presentable for the show. We stopped in at Our Dream Auto in Mooresville, where shop manager Manir Karim let us get the car back ship shape. Our goal was to hit the Daniel Carpenter tour which went from 1-4, but unfortunately time was not on our side. With the car ready to rock, we made tracks for the hotel, to get ready for the pre meet at Cabarrus Brewing company. 

    The pre meet, just as last year, was a great time. The parking lot was loaded down with foxes, and you couldn't walk five feet without seeing another familiar face, or fox you just had to stop and look at. Sometimes you just have to step back and take it all in, tons of foxes, tons of friends, and the excitement of tomorrows show make this an amazing experience, as well as the perfect way to kick the weekend off. 


    Up at dawn Saturday morning, I couldn't wait to head over and get the booth set up. Still dark when we arrived, the SEFB crew was getting a plan together for keeping things organized, FMR was getting their booths set up, and the new for 2017 swap meet area was already half full. As we discussed in the podcast which aired last month, new for 2017 is a swap meet, cars for sale area, and several new trophy categories. All of which made a great show, even better. 

    As things got rolling, and the FCM booth packed non-stop all morning, I could tell this would be a record shattering year. The cars never stopped coming in. When we first setup there were no cars behind our booth, by noon, there were two more solid rows of foxes. Dare I say 600 cars? As much as we loved talking to everyone in the booth, and hooking everyone up with new swag; I hated not being out and about in the show. So many friends, and so many killer cars to see, I was chomping at the bit to see what was out there. 

    Once I was able to get out in the show area, it was clear the numbers were big. The swap meet was stuffed with used parts of all kinds, and the vendors were mobbed with shoppers. The Powercurve dyno was spinning all day, the food trucks worked overtime keeping everyone fed, and everyone was running around like crazy trying to see every car. Whatever your taste or style of fox, there were ten of them, its that good. If you were shopping for a car, you were covered there too, with several cars on the block, including a '93 Cobra R. 

    The bottom line is that the fox body scene is growing at an alarming rate. This was not a Mustang show, it was one generation of Mustang (and all fox chassis). You would be hard pressed to do this with ANY car, let alone one generation. We look forward to hitting this event every year, and thank FMR and SEFB for doing such an amazing job. I firmly believe 2018 will be even bigger, 700? CR