FCM hits the road for the fox body Mustang event of the year!


    We've heard tell many a time about the biggest and baddest fox body Mustang only car show on the planet. With FCM getting our event coverage rolling, we couldn't think of any better trip for project "Road Warrior" than loading up for Foxtoberfest. 

    With the event being located in Charlotte, near Fox Mustang Restoration's home base, the challenge was set for our project car to make the nine hour trip through the mountains, to scope out what would prove to be a fox body Mustang enthusiasts heaven on earth. Boasting over three hundred cars last year, we were excited to see just how much larger the event would grow. I will admit the mountain roads on the way there made for some killer blasts through the tight curves, a speed limit or two may have been broken.  I arrived in Charlotte safe and sound, and ready to see what the hype was all about. 

    Saturday morning greeted us with chilly temps, and a few clouds, but nothing that would hinder the festivities. We headed out around seven thirty, and despite the show not starting until nine, the line to get in was already fifty cars deep. Now granted I have been to many a big car show, but this was much different. Every single car was a fox chassis of some sort. From LTD wagons to '93 Cobras, and everything in between. 

    Once things got rolling, the guys from SEFB did an amazing job of parking the cars by generation. All of the 79-86 cars were together, all of the 87-93 cars were together, the Saleens, the Cobras, etc. There was even a row of non Mustang foxes, which I personally thought was epic. 

    An hour after the gates had opened, the cars were still coming. The parking lot was filling up fast, and the line to get in was still plenty long. I found myself wondering how bad last year's record would be broken. Rows and rows of foxes as far as you could see, the trip was already worth it for me.  

    The variety of cars is what really grabbed my attention. I had a bit of an epiphany about why the fox body Mustang is so very popular; there are so many different variations. One could argue that a car show dedicated to not only one car, but one generation thereof, could be a bit of a snoozer. That simply wasn't the case at Foxtoberfest. Quite the contrary I might add.

    With a mobile dyno on hand, Fox Mustang Restoration having a full line of parts for sale, and several over the top cars on display; there was so much to take in. I began thinking that this event needs to graduate to two days. When it was all said and done there were nearly 400 cars on the scene, and it simply was not enough time to see everything. After the awards were presented and the show was ending, so many people were still hanging out wanting more.  

    We have to tip our hats to FMR for such an amazing event. Foxtoberfest is officially on the must attend list every year. As if the show wasn't enough, the meet and greet party the night before was like a giant fox body Mustang cruise in, and Sunday FMR offered an install clinic for many of their restoration parts. Despite having to load up early Sunday and head back to FCM command central, the trip couldn't have been better. If you haven't made this event yet, start planning now. I am going to go ahead and predict next year will set another record, and FCM will be there again to bring you all of the action. CR