Fox body Takeover

FCM puts the ponies to the pavement with our first of many events


    On April 15th 2017 FCM pulled off what will be the first of many events, to get off the internet and show off those Fords. With less than three months to plan, and advertise, the challenge was set to see if we could make it happen. All over the country there are car shows, cruises, and races; we wanted to combine the three for an event that everyone could participate in at one level or another. The other objective was to keep the theme less rigid than sanctioned racing, or strict car show judging. This is for fun, not for points or trophies, and with this event under our belt, it seems the concept was very well received. 

    After weeks of nervously checking the forecast each morning, Saturday the 15th brought sunny skies and mid 80s for temps. The weather could not have been better. The day began at the Jackson Generals Stadium in Jackson TN, where nearly one hundred Mustangs and Fords rolled in for the party. While we affectionally named it "Foxbody Takeover" we welcomed all Ford powered vehicles to get in on the action. From a silver '67 fastback, to a 2017 GT Mustang, the Ford game was strong for sure. 

    The parking lot started filling up around 9:45 or so, and the cars continued to come until 10:30. Once we were sure everyone was there, a line formed from the entrance of the park, and snaked around the lot. The sound of nearly a hundred Mustangs is one that can only be appreciated in person; epic. Pulling out on the cruise, there were several people lined up along the route taking pictures and videos, and suffice to say we raised a few eyebrows in town as well. The cruise took us through a main road in town, then out to the country roads leading to Jackson Dragway. Before anyone asks, no pedestrians were harmed in the process of the event. The other good news is everyone behaved, and no citations were issued from local law enforcement. 

    As we converged on the track, it was easy to see the track staff was rather shocked at the half mile long line of Fords waiting to get in. Once we made it to the show area, the mad dash to get the tent set up began, and the cars just kept coming. Shortly after our arrival the announcement was made that the track was open, and several cars made their way to the staging lanes to get some hits in.  

    The action up top was killer. So many different cars to see, and people everywhere tying to see them all. With a healthy line at the booth, FCM staff did their best to help everyone get their swag and raffle tickets, as well as show off the killer giveaway parts from National Parts Depot. 

Down below, the track was heating up with tons of Mustangs trying their luck in the 1/8th mile, and while some of the faster cars we were expecting could not make the event, everyone still enjoyed the drag racing action. Behind the track, the smokers were going with plenty of BBQ to keep everyone fed, and the concessions stand worked overtime keeping the cold drinks flowing. 

While we did have a few hiccups during the event, Foxbody Takeover was a complete success. We learned a few things, talked with attendees, and kept our ears open to suggestions. We want to thank everyone who came out, and National Parts Depot for their generous sponsorship. Keep it tuned right here for details on our next events, they only get better from here.  CR

Fox body Takeover official sponsor: National Parts Depot~Restoring American History since 1976