Coyote swap part 1

Decisions, decisions

    If you would have asked me two years ago if I would coyote swap my car, I probably would have said no. At that point, I saw it as something expensive, and just not in the cards. I already had quite a bit invested in the pushrod setup, and only needed some boost, or a stroker to be making some serious power. I know pushrod engines very well, and quite frankly was intimidated by the seemingly complex mod motor. I was content to keep forging ahead with my 8.2 deck beast, and avoid all of the complexities that go along with a swap of that magnitude. 

    Fast forward to the NMRA World Finals in 2016, as I was filming the first episode of Foxcast TV with Carlos Sobrino, we discussed what was really involved with dropping Ford's wonder motor between the frame rails of a fox. Carlos has a way of simplifying things, and dispelling all of the internet myths out there. After a long conversation walking around the "Joker" (Carlos's C/S '88 LX) my wheels began to turn. 

    What initially seemed like a huge project, all of the sudden seemed attainable. This wasn't the only reason, however. As I keep my finger on the pulse of the fox community seven days a week, I noticed the interest was gaining steam. Every time a swapped fox popped up, the questions and interest was huge. I also noted that there was no solid source for someone to get answers to the numerous questions everyone was asking. At this point, I felt like this should fall on my shoulders. I take a lot of pride in being able to be a source for fox body owners, for whatever is new and hot. This was one of those things. 

    The final straw that made up my mind, was writing about several swapped cars. If you browse the features section of the website, there are several cars rocking coyote power. After talking with the owners about their experience, it just started to make sense. Here locally, a friend of mine Jeremy Dover had just started swapping his car, and I couldn't wait to head over and see it. Once done, I shot the car for a full feature, and we did a ride along to see how the car felt. Needless to say, I was beyond impressed. A stock truck motor, without so much as a cam swap, and with a 6R80 auto; would rip your face off. That was it. 

“A stock truck motor, without so much as a cam swap, and with a 6R80 auto, would rip your face off”


    Once the dust had settled from Foxtoberfest, Jeremy and I sat down and started putting together a plan to get it done. By this time he was knee deep in swapping Todd Thompson's '92 notch, and was picking up even more knowledge on doing the swap. My next conversation was with Frank Perdomo from Power By the Hour. He was instrumental in answering more of my questions, and steering me in the right direction with some of the other mods. 

    The last part of the decision was how to bring the swap to fans in an entertaining, yet informative way. Tech articles and videos can tend to be very dull, and lose the audience very quickly. That was not what I wanted to do. So I decided to use YouTube as my platform to document the journey. This would be more of a vlog type of format, as opposed to me telling someone how to do it. YouTube was a place where my brand was not prominent, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone. 

    With a plan firmly in place for how to swap the car, as well as document the entire journey; the only thing left to do was get busy. Jeremy was kind enough to let me use his shop, and help me swing the wrenches. Not only that, but put up with me constantly shoving cameras in the way, and tripping over my tripods. Just doing the swap is an adventure in and of itself, trying to film it as well is a nightmare. No worries though, there is nothing I love more than a challenge. 

   This is part one in a very long series, so check back often. Also make sure you are subscribed to the YouTube channel for five videos per week. Stay tuned! CR 

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